08 October 2010

The Kitty Cat Condos

It looks like at least some of our feral cat colony members will be here through the winter.  We decided to make them some shelters and a feeding station this afternoon  (and HWK and The Teenager got to destroy my dining/livingroom).  SO...here's our afternoon:

18 gallon tote

snipping out door
drilling condo door

rough cut

smoothing edges

rasping edges

sand, sand, sand

measuring carpet for insulation - walls

a boy and his drill

adding doors

slitting carpet for entry

adding floor

adding paver to anchor & add another level

nice soft straw beds

finished - front

finished - back door

small pavers - condos up off the concrete patio

Mickey couldn't wait!

East Tower - Executive Suites

East Tower - Side View

West Tower - Young & Wild Suites - adjacent to Kitty Cat Bar & Grill

Kitty Cat Bar & Grill - apps served on the patio/entrees and bar inside
Kitty Cat Bar & Grill/West Tower
Now let's hope the kitties like them!!

1 comment:

  1. Cool idea!!! Do they like it?? I know I couldn't do that at my apartment.. but I will share the idea with my dauthter..